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What Should I Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

What Should I Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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When facing criminal charges, it’s normal for defendants to feel an abundance of emotions, especially when thinking about the possibility of serving jail time or its negative impact on future opportunities like work or school. Criminal charges can not only appear on background checks but are often permanently added to a person’s record after being convicted. It’s essential for anyone facing charges to contact a skilled attorney immediately as they can help them improve the chances of a successful outcome.

Characteristics of a Good Defense Attorney

Before hiring a professional for legal representation, individuals who are in a position where they are facing criminal charges must know what to look for when trying to choose the best defense attorney. Although there is a variety of factors that can help the decision-making process a bit smoother, some of the main things to keep in mind during the search include:

Board Certified

When looking for the best legal representation, defendants should always try to choose board-certified attorneys. This will allow the defendant to feel more confident in their attorney’s abilities and increase their chances of a more smooth and more successful process.


Ensuring that an attorney has extensive experience representing other similar cases is highly recommended. It is also equally urged to consider their success rate as these two go hand in hand. Working with a legal professional with years of successful experience can benefit the case’s outcome.


Defendants should avoid working with an attorney that does not have the time to dedicate to their case. They should not only be readily available for the initial consultation but be able to respond to any inquiries or calls moving forward promptly.

We Can Help

Being charged with a crime can be highly frustrating, especially without the proper resources or legal support. Here at HMW Law, we have a team of skilled defense attorneys who are dedicated to helping you through your time of need. With years of criminal defense experience, we have what it takes to fight for your rights. Let us be your voice.

Contact us today at 216-369-1352 or visit us online to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the details of your case.

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