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What Should I Do If I Have Been Convicted of a Sex Crime?

What Should I Do If I Have Been Convicted of a Sex Crime?

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Being convicted of a sex crime is a serious offense that should have legal action taken as soon as possible. Someone convicted of a sexually related crime should immediately contact a lawyer and plan to appeal the conviction or sentence. Filing an appeal is a way for the convicted person to ask the court to review their case and potentially overrule the judge or jury’s decision.

Although many believe that an appeal is a second trial, this is not the case. With an appeal, there will be no witnesses or evidence that can work to support the convicted person of being innocent. It’s more of a way for the convicted person to show that the trial judge made mistakes that resulted in an unfair trial, lack of evidence to support the verdict or that the trials did not have proper jurisdiction to hear the case.

What Steps Should I Take?

When being convicted of a sex crime, it’s important to take the proper steps to help protect your case. Even if you think you know what should be done, never take action without speaking to an attorney first. They will guide you on what options you have that best align with the details of your case. Some things you should be prepared to do include:

Remain Silent

You aren’t required to talk or answer any questions – so don’t. Wait until you have spoken with your lawyer and they’ve guided you on what you should or shouldn’t say. This will help avoid involuntarily worsening your case by word of mouth.

Gather Evidence

Collect and keep any records you may have that are related to the time of the alleged accident. Even if you don’t think they hold the utmost importance, they may be supporting evidence for your case. It is important that you don’t delete any social media posts, text messages, or calls related to allegations, as it could be considered tampering with evidence if the police were to find out.

Avoid Contact with the Victims or Witnesses

Once convicted, all contact moving forward should be reported to law enforcement to avoid being considered a misinterpreted effort to interfere or intimidate the person who pressed the charges. A common investigative technique is for the victim or a family member to make a recorded call confronting the sex offender in an attempt to try to provoke them for admission or apology. Do not fall for this. Contact your lawyer right away if the victim tries to contact you in any way.

We Can Help

Dealing with sex crimes allegations and convictions can be frightening since they are such serious charges. You don’t have to feel alone because we are here to help. Our attorneys at HMW Law, have years of experience working with cases like yours, so we have what it takes to fight for your rights.

Contact us today at 216-369-1352, or visit us online to schedule your free consultation with one of our award-winning attorneys.

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