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Cleveland Manslaughter Lawyer

Accused of Manslaughter in OH?

Manslaughter is the killing of another person in a less heinous way than murder involves. A manslaughter conviction can still put you in prison for many years which is why you should call a Cleveland manslaughter attorney as soon as possible if you are facing charges! An experienced legal advocate can be all the difference between having your charges dropped and spending decades behind bars.

You need a trusted Cleveland manslaughter lawyer to take on your case and provide you with an effective legal strategy. Contact HMW Law at 216-369-1352 if you are ready to begin working on your defense.

Voluntary Manslaughter Ohio

Manslaughter is typically divided into two categories: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is a lesser offense than a standard murder charge wherein some form of provocation is involved. Voluntary manslaughter takes place when, in a sudden fit of rage, one person is provoked into using deadly force against the victim. Such a crime is a first-degree felony.

Involuntary Manslaughter Ohio Sentence

Involuntary manslaughter differs from voluntary manslaughter in that there is a lack of intent to injure/kill. It can occur when while either driving a car, committing a minor crime, or any other activity, a perpetrator causes another person’s death. Involuntary manslaughter can lead to five years in jail if committed while committing a misdemeanor. If during the commission of a felony, it can result in 10 years in jail.

Trust Us to Handle Your Case

Manslaughter is a very serious crime which is why you need the professionals at HMW Law to litigate in your defense.

Our Cleveland manslaughter attorneys can offer you the following benefits:

  • More than 75 years of experience
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Our Cleveland defense firm can argue that your actions were accidental and without an intent to harm or even that you acted in self-defense. There are several similar defenses that we can use to significantly reduce your punishment.

Our Cleveland manslaughter lawyers can also look into the crime scene and the police investigation to see if your rights were violated in any way. If police or other law enforcement personnel acted improperly, they may not be able to use implicating evidence against you.