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Brandon Pokersnik

Brandon Pokersnik
Of Counsel


After completing a Bachelor of Science and Master of Accountancy at Case Western Reserve University, I embarked on my legal career. This is where I found my passion. I passed the Ohio Bar Examination in the 70th percentile and took on my first criminal case. Victory! From that point on, there was no turning back. My motto: if I am not smarter than you – I will outwork you. My client’s become family as we navigate the legal process. Joining HMW Law allowed me to surround myself around attorneys with a vast pool of knowledge and a support staff.

Damn Right, We Fight!

We are passionate about what we do, and that drive, coupled with our winning attitude, allows us to move forward with cases at full force. Our Ohio lawyers don’t back down from a challenge – no matter how complex it is. We explore every legal option to ensure we leave no stone unturned as we focus on protecting our clients’ rights and best interests.