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Restraining Order Attorneys in Cleveland

Defense Against Restraining Orders in OH

Dealing with a restraining order? This document can force you to refrain from approaching or contacting an alleged victim who feels threatened. An order can be granted by a court even if no violence has taken place! That is why it is so imperative that you take action to protect your reputation and your rights.

If a Civil Stalking Protection Order or any other restraining order has been filed against you, be sure you have our Cleveland restraining order attorney standing behind you so you have a fair opportunity to preserve your freedom.

What Happens with a Restraining Order/Order of Protection?

In Ohio, restraining orders are usually known as orders of protection. If your accuser obtains a temporary restraining order against you, a hearing will be scheduled in Domestic Relations Court or Common Pleas Court to figure out if there is good reason to make the order permanent.

A domestic violence restraining order can force you to:

  • Move out of your home
  • Refrain from purchasing or possessing a firearm
  • Keep away from the alleged victim, your child, and related family members
  • Pay domestic support
  • Stay away from the claimant’s job, your child’s school or daycare, or other notable areas

A domestic violence conviction can ruin your life and relationships with your family. You have a right to a fair trial if you are accused of domestic violence and no one should have a restraining order filed against them unjustly.

Our Cleveland Restraining Order Lawyers Have the Experience to Help You

At HMW Law, we work to protect the falsely accused. Don’t let such accusations keep you from seeing your family, owning a firearm, or exercising other rights.

If a temporary protection order has been issued against you, you should retain a Cleveland restraining order attorney who can fight for you in court and represent you at your protection order hearing.

Call our firm at 216-369-1352 right away if you are dealing with an order of protection.