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Internet Crime Lawyers in Cleveland

Representation for Cyber Crime Charges in Ohio

Technology-based crimes have become prevalent in our digital world. Internet crime, also known as cyber-crime, is continually being investigated by state and federal agencies, such as the FBI. The government has also become more aggressive in prosecuting internet crimes as they begin to understand its potentially damaging reach.

At HMW Law, we have handled thousands of criminal cases over our more than 75 collective years, including internet crime related cases. With our expertise and experience, we can fight for the strongest possible outcome for your case.

Internet Crimes We Handle

Some examples of internet crimes include:

  • Identify theft
  • Cyber-based terrorism
  • Computer intrusion (such as hacking)
  • Espionage
  • Email scam
  • Investment fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet sex crimes, including child pornographysolicitation of minors, etc.

Ohio Internet Crime Laws

In Ohio, internet crimes are divided into misdemeanor cyber crime and felony cyber crime. A misdemeanor would include issues like sending spam. A felony offense includes the unauthorized use of computer property.

Ohio Penalties for Internet Crimes

In Ohio, the penalties for being convicted of an Internet crime include:

  • Heavy fines
  • Prison sentence
  • In internet sex crimes cases: mandatory registration as a sex offender

Award-Winning Legal Counsel

Our team’s focus is on defending our clients, investing our time and efforts into each specific case. It is our passion to serve each client with the most knowledgeable, organized, and aggressive representation possible. We are ready and eager to investigate every detail of your case, develop a comprehensive defense strategy, and represent you in and out of the courtroom. While preparing for your internet crime case, we aim to exhaust every resource we have available to us, including some of the most respected technology experts in the field.

Protect Your Future with HMW Law

If you have been arrested for an internet crime, you need a Cleveland internet crimes attorney to represent you as soon as possible. We are here to help.

Our attorneys are members of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association. We have also received a distinguished award by the Order of Barristers – a national honor recognizing excellence in trial advocacy. Whether paid or serving pro bono, we are passionate about every client and every case that we take on.