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Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes in Ohio

Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes in Ohio

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A statute of limitations is a state law that’s set in place to dictate the maximum amount of time parties involved in a legal dispute have to begin proceedings from the date of the alleged offense in both criminal or civil court. Although each state has its own statute of limitations, the length of time that allows a victim to bring requested legal action against the suspected individual in the wrong can change from one jurisdiction to another and the nature of the offense.

Ohio Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes

Ohio has a statute of limitations on sexual battery and rape for 20 years. This means that after the 20-year deadline has passed, prosecutors can no longer bring charges against a suspect. Criminal law in Ohio is evolving and is now working on giving victims a 5-year extension on their current statute of limitations laws for cases with DNA evidence available.

Statue of Limitation for Minors

Like other states, Ohio’s statute of limitations for minors is longer than it is for adult sexual assault victims. Minors who have been sexually assaulted have a 12-year deadline from the accrual date. However, depending on the case, the 12-year statute begins when the victim turns 18. This means by the time the victim is 30 years old, the lawsuit must be filed.

Statue of Limitation for Adults

The statute of limitations for intentional assault or battery is the same for sexual abuse. According to Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2305.111(B)(1), adult victims have one year to sue a known abuser. Since this period is so short, it’s recommended that when an adult is sexually abused, they contact an experienced attorney as quickly as possible.

We Can Help

Here at Henderson, Mokhtari & Weatherly, we understand how hard it can be to speak up after being sexually assaulted. Please don’t feel alone. We are here to help you get the justice you deserve. Filing lawsuits against your abuser can be challenging, especially when coping with what has happened.

Being accused of a crime is a serious offense. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact us today at (216) 369-1352 or visit our website to schedule your free case review.

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