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Preventing Drunk Driving Charges During the Holidays

Preventing Drunk Driving Charges During the Holidays

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Did you know that the number of drunk driving arrests occurs rises dramatically during the holiday ​season? It is that time of year that families come together and reunite. There are plenty of social gatherings and friends to spend time with as well. These occasions are what can lead people to drink and drive.

An estimate 25, 000 of injuries from auto collisions occur each holiday season. Police officers and additional law enforcement will be on high alert. As such, our team at HMW Law recognize that you will need knowledgeable legal counsel and aggressive defense if you are facing OVI or DWI charges.

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How Can I Prevent DWI Charges?

While it may appear to be common sense to choose not to drink and drive, it can be easy to go against this age-old wisdom. If you know that your night could involve alcohol, it is wise to plan ahead. Below, we offer some tips that our Cleveland DWI attorneys hope might be helpful to you.

Some of our suggestions that may be helpful in preventing a DWI:

  1. Have a designated driver or call a cab
  2. Consider staying the night at a friend or relative’s home
  3. Keep your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) in check by pacing yourself
  4. Stay hydrated and try not to drink on an empty stomach
  5. If you absolutely must drive your vehicle, give yourself ample amount of time to sober up before driving – make sure that you are under the legal limit
  6. Obey all traffic and safety laws

Law enforcement is typically on the lookout for erratic drivers and those who break the rules of the road. Should a police officer pull you over and find that you are intoxicated, they may have no choice but to arrest you. If you have been arrested and are currently awaiting the next steps in your case, please do not hesitate to contact HMW Law today.

We have handled thousands of cases successfully and we are here to help protect your rights. Call us today for assistance with your DWI or OVI case.

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