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5 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

5 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

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It is in the best interest of anyone facing criminal charges to seek a defense attorney for legal representation immediately. Being charged with a crime isn’t usually taken lightly and can often be permanently placed on your criminal record, making it difficult to pursue any future career or educational opportunities. Before hiring an attorney for representation, it is important that you do adequate research to ensure you are working with someone who is the best.

When hiring a criminal defense attorney, you should never forget to ask the following questions:

How Much Experience Do You Have?

When working with an attorney, it’s always important to ensure they have adequate experience working with cases similar to yours. While all attorneys have to start somewhere, this isn’t always the best time to work with someone who may not have the experience needed to ensure your case is successful.

Do You Have Availability?

Hiring an attorney who doesn’t have the required time to dedicate to you and your case may not be the most beneficial thing to do. You should always hire someone who has the time to give and is there for you when you have any questions or newly arising concerns.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Legal Fees?

As this typically depends on factors such as how well they are qualified and their comprised experience, it’s always important to discuss attorney fees during your initial consultation. This is also a great way to avoid surprises when it’s time to begin paying for your legal services.

Who Will Be Working on My Case?

Not always is the person you speak to during your consultation the person that will be representing your case. If this is not established initially, it can be shocking to be introduced to new faces as your case moves forward. This should also be discussed because it is the perfect opportunity to clarify how much you will be communicating with your attorney and ensure their means of communication is adequate for your situation.

What Are The Possible Outcome Based on My Case Details?

When examining the details of your case with a potential attorney, it’s recommended to ask about the outcomes they believe are possible. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of the details of your case and come to terms with any outcomes that may be life-changing.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Although this depends solely on the details of each specific case, it’s always beneficial to ask before committing to the attorney’s legal services. An excellent criminal defense attorney should be able to outline a time frame and keep you updated if anything unexpectedly changes throughout the process.

Our Firm Wants to Help

With years of experience serving clients needing a criminal defense attorney, our team here at HMW Law understands what you may be going through. We want you to know that what you feel is normal, and we are here to help you. Although it may feel like you are all out of options, this may not be the case. Our firm offers free consultations where we can sit down and discuss the details of your case in further detail, then provide you with the best legal options you have moving forward. Don’t feel like you have to fight this battle alone. Let us be your guide.

To contact one of our trusted criminal defense attorneys, give us a call at 216-369-1352 or visit our website to submit a form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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