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Sex Crimes: What are They?

Sex Crimes: What are They?

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Sex crimes are acts committed that involve coercing, non-consented, or illegal sexual conduct with another person. They may be prosecuted as criminal offenses but can also form the basis for civil recovery. Both state and federal statutes specify a sex-crime statute of limitations, limiting the time allotted for criminal prosecutions or civil suits against the offender.

Sex crimes include a wide variety of acts that all have precise definitions. They may also fall into two categories when classified: forcible and non-forcible. Some of the most common types of sex crimes committed include:

Forcible Sex Crimes

Sexual Battery

Battery offenses are generally described as unlawful physical contact, but when of sexual nature, it is considered a sexual battery. Further specifications on what qualifies as these types of offenses may vary from state to state.


This is usually defined as forced or non-consented sexual intercourse. There are different types of rape, including spousal, date, and statutory. This is one of the most severe sex crimes someone can be accused of.

Child Molestation

Child molestation can have a range of incidents but usually involves the sexual conduct of an adult and a child under 14.

Non Forceible Sex Crimes

Child pornography

Possessing, producing, or distributing any pornographic content of minors is illegal. Offenders of this specific crime may face state or federal charges.


In most states, the exchange of sexual acts for money is illegal. There are a variety of sexual offenses related to prostitution, which include solicitation and pandering

Public Indecency

Exposing oneself in public on purpose may also be a criminal act. Different states have a variety of names and specifications for this crime.

Sex Offenders

Once convicted of a sex crime, most states require offenders to register themselves on the sex offender registration anywhere they live following the conviction. Once registered, some regulations and stipulations must be followed. Failure to do so can result in extreme punishment from the law.

Depending on the severity of the crime, some states may allow registered sex offenders to be removed from the list after years of good behavior. Information about the offender will typically be available on an internet search for nearby residents to see.

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