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How COVID Has Lead to an Increase in Trucking Accidents

How COVID Has Lead to an Increase in Trucking Accidents

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With COVID-19 keeping more people at home than ever before, you may think that things like car and truck accidents would be at an all-time low, however that’s not the case.

Over the past few months, stores and households across the country have been stocking up on necessary goods. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation even eliminated some of the hours-of-service rules so that truck drivers could spend more time on the road delivering as many goods as possible.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Strict deadlines and time restraints.

Truck driving has long been a difficult industry, with drivers needing to meet strict deadlines. When the COVID pandemic began, the demand for packages hit an all-time high, both among households and stores. The pressure to meet this influx of orders caused many drivers to resort to reckless driving, like speeding and traveling through the night on limited sleep.

An influx of new drivers.

In order to meet demand, many trucking companies had to hire new and less experienced drivers — even adults with years of car driving experience under their belt can find it difficult to navigate a large and unsteady box truck. Similar to young adults who recently got their drivers licence, inexperienced truck drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident, no matter how responsible or well-intentioned they may be.

Driving companies may also be more tempted to cut corners regarding their new hire training process.

Unfamiliar routes and territories.

With stores running out of essentials every day, many companies and states amended their driving routes and regulations. This forced many drivers onto unfamiliar roads and foreign territory. When unsure of their routes, truck drivers may have to make last-minute turns or become frustrated — things that can easily cause a car accident.

Trucks that aren’t being maintained properly.

In an effort to get as many trucks on the road as possible, mechanics, who are responsible for keeping a truck in working order, may not have time to check all necessary systems. This can lead to a problem on the road that would have otherwise been preventable.

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