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Are Drivers Always At Fault When a Pedestrian is Hit?

Are Drivers Always At Fault When a Pedestrian is Hit?

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,200 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2019. And each year, thousands more are seriously injured across the country and here in Ohio.

After being struck by a car, many people experience emotional trauma and physical injuries. Especially if your injuries have left you unable to work and with mounting hospital bills, you may be considering seeking compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Auto Accidents

What to Do Immediately After an Accident

Being struck by a car is incredibly traumatic. If you’re involved in an accident, the first things you should do are:

  • Get the driver’s information and license plate number
  • Take photos of the car
  • Call the police and file an incident report
  • Go to the hospital for an exam

Back injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, leg and neck injuries, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most common injuries pedestrians sustain in an auto accident. And because some injuries appear after days, if not weeks, it’s important that you get checked by a medical professional right away.

Can I Sue the Driver?

In the event a pedestrian is hit, the driver of the car is usually considered to be the one at fault. It’s important to remember that drivers can be at fault even if the pedestrian was not walking in a crosswalk or walking when the signal was red.

If the driver was negligent in their duty, they could be legally liable for damages the victim sustained.

Can Anyone Else be Responsible for Damages Caused?

While negligent drivers are most often the cause of a pedestrian accident and therefore the one’s liable for damages, it is possible for other parties to be found at fault. The manufacturer of the car, the manufacturer of parts within your car, your local municipality, and others could be at fault if they played a part in the cause of the accident.

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